SXSW Links We Love

Grumpy Cat's throne, barbecue adventures & more in our SXSW edition of links we love

Grumpy Cat's throne, barbecue adventures & more SXSW links

In honor of SXSW, we bring you a special edition of links we love, featuring the best bits of Internet ephemera revolving around festival happenings. Equal parts funny and insightful, these are the links to help you recover from Interactive, Film and Music.

1. Jimmy and Guillermo's excellent barbecue adventure. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is calling Austin home for the week. What's better to do than tour the top Austin barbecue joints with his security guard in tow? See which four spots make the tour, and then rage about how Kimmel is an idiot for leaving out your favorite.

2. Hail, Tardar Sauce, Queen of Westeros and Mother of Dragons. The online phenom Grumpy Cat is back for more grouchy meet-and-greets with fans at SXSW, but now pictures reveal a major spoiler of what will happen in season four of Game of Thrones. And HBO has been so good at staying faithful to the books.

3. OMG it's the Bieb! News spread like wildfire after Justin Bieber stopped by Banger's on Rainey for an impromptu appearance, prompting proclamations that SXSW is over. Really, the only reaction worth your time is this selfie. We feel you, girl.

4. Raid 2 screening canceled, but the show must go on. The highly anticipated sequel to the Indonesian cult action hit was due for a screening at SXSW, but the un-subtitled version was downloaded, forcing a cancelation. Stars Iko Uwais and Yaya Ruhian decided not to let the audience go home without seeing fists fly, and they put on a little sparring session to satiate fans.

5. News flash: Mindy Kaling is a "fucking Indian woman who has her own fucking show." At a panel discussion at SXSW, the star and creator of The Mindy Project didn't take too kindly when a question was asked about diversity on her show. Here's a tip for panel attendees: if you want to ask a show runner about a lack of diversity, and she also happens to be a woman of color, just stop. Save questions like that for Chuck Lorre.

6. Brisket and cronuts wed together in holy matrimony. One dabbles in smoked meats, and the other works with pastry fusions, but both know how to make people stand in line for hours for good food. Austin's own Aaron Franklin met up with cronut inventor Dominique Ansel to trade cronuts for barbecue and become BFFs.

7. Better call Eddie. One of the most anticipated names to appear at SXSW, albeit via satellite, was NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. While talking about very important stuff like privacy and online freedom, Snowden's choice of background brought up an obvious comparison. Just like Saul Goodman, Snowden knows a thing or two about disappearing, but less about flashy clothes.

8. Order the Whataburger with extra Bacon. Kevin Bacon, film star and subject of one of the most popular parlor games, appeared at SXSW for a panel on his career and the 20th anniversary of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." His appearance also allowed for the best celebrity photo ops to prove that Bacon only needs one add-on for his Whataburger.

9. Allow El Arroyo to show you the door. We'll close with a special message to SXSW visitors from El Arroyo. There's no need to tell people to not move here; the Mexican restaurant sends the message, while paying tribute to Biggie at the same time.

Grumpy Cat on the Iron Throne with toy dragons at Game of Thrones SXSW 2014 exhibit
After conquering the Kingdom of Westeros, Grumpy Cat is ready for a nap. Photo courtesy of Game of Thrones/Instagram
selfie by Maria Nunez with Justin Bieber at Banger's during SXSW 2014
Pictured: how Austin reacted to Justin Bieber appearing at Banger's. Photo by Maria Nunez
Grumpy Cat on the Iron Throne with toy dragons at Game of Thrones SXSW 2014 exhibit
selfie by Maria Nunez with Justin Bieber at Banger's during SXSW 2014