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Let the party start: Megan Mullally confirms Party Down movie is in the works

Let the party start: Megan Mullally confirms Party Down movie is in the works

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Megan Mullally recently announced that cult comedy Party Down is getting its own movie with filming slated for the summer. 

Rumors of a Party Down movie began circulating last year when Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) said on Marc Maron's podcast that a production company was ready to back the film — and again when he told Grantland that a script treatment was ready and the studio was trying to coordinate cast schedules for filming dates. 

Fans and critics alike were skeptical; they knew little mentions like these weren't enough to actually confirm anything — especially considering the curious case of Arrrested Development and the wild rumors that circulated about their chances of a movie.

Party Down creator (and Austinite) Rob Thomas even went on to tell us last October that a Party Down film would be harder to make due to co-creator John Enbom's work on NBC's Free Agents. Luckily for us, Free Agents was cancelled early in the season (though it was, admittedly, a brilliant show deserving at least a full run), allowing Enbom to focus on Party Down

Now, the stars have seemed to align perfectly for the film. As A.V. Club reported, Mullally had some concrete details about the film that make a Party Down film seem like it will really happen. 

During a TCA press conference last Sunday, Mullally shared that Enbom is currently writing the script and she expects the entire cast to return with the exception of Jane Lynch. She also helped back up Scott's claim he made a couple months ago, saying that investors "enthusiastically approved" an outline for the movie.

And while she's not entirely sure what the premise of the film will be, she expects the movie to take place shortly after the end of season two, with fans finally getting to meet her character's racist and mysognist ex-husband.

Party Down aired on Starz from 2009-2010 and boasted a talented cast that included Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Martin Starr, Megan Mullally, Ken Marino, Lizzy Caplan, Ryan Hansen and Jennifer Coolidge. The series followed six struggling actors and writers as they tried to make ends meet by taking on side gigs while pursuing their first big break. 

You can find the entire series available for streaming on Netflix.