Day 3

A one-hit wonder? Dreamy indie-pop from Brooklyn's Haerts

A one-hit wonder? Dreamy indie-pop from Brooklyn's Haerts

Austin Photo Set: News_caitlin_haerts_feb 2013
Courtesy of Haerts

Name: Haerts

Featured track: "Wings"

Country/City of origin: Brooklyn, New York

Genre: Indie-pop

In one sentence: "If you can imagine how M83 might sound if fronted by Belinda Carlisle you’d be halfway towards approaching the splendor that St. Lucia’s production and Nini Fabi’s power-ballad vocals reach over the course of  the songs five minutes." - The Line of Best Fit

Why we chose them: They've released one track, "Wings," and their debut album isn't due until sometime this year. But we're betting that the success of the single isn't a fluke. Lead singer Nina Fabi is known for her deep roots in the folk genre, which, in our opinion, strengthens this foray into dreamy pop. It's kind of what we'd hoped Class Actress had been if Class Actress had turned out to be more dynamic.

SXSW official shows: Friday, March 15 at Empire Automotive