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SXSW Encore: Exclusive music from Geographer

SXSW Encore: Exclusive music from Geographer

This indie rock trio, made up of Michael Deni, Nathan Blaz and Brian Ostreicher stretches your imagination with electronic synthesizers combined with cello and soaring vocals. Formed in San Francisco in 2008, Geographer had released only one full-length album Innocent Ghosts since, but this year comes their second, Myth. It's a rare treat to have them in Austin and the Wheeler Brothers took advantage.

The group stopped by the Wheeler Brothers house last week during SXSW madness to relax and play a tune off their album for the UTOPiA sessions.

The UTOPiA Sessions served as an oasis on the edge of SXSW craziness, providing top-quality bands we love with an opportunity to play in a welcoming and relaxing environment."The UTOPiA Sessions put bands in a state of euphoria," says Aaron Brown, director of Onion Creek Productions. "First we get them set up, then they get into the massage chairs and style salon. A few beard trims and bloody mary's later, we head into the very 'Wes Anderson' looking billiards' room. Each band plays a couple of songs, the Onion Creek boys film, Craig Lawrence records sound and we get a finished video about twelve hours later."

"The Boulder" by Geographer


The UTOPiA Sessions is a co-production between Onion Creek ProductionsUTOPiAfest, and Wheeler Brothers.

Onion Creek Productions is brothers Aaron and Jamie Brown, and Rob Seidel. We've been busy producing videos for several bands including Grupo Fantasma, Wheeler Brothers and Blitzen Trapper. Since we already were in the business of creating high-quality live and scripted live music videos, we had the opportunity to partner with Travis Sutherland, founder of UTOPiAfest.

Pat Cassidy is the Wheeler Brothers' manager and is the other producer of UTOPiA Sessions.

UTOPiAfest is an intimate campout festival in the most beautiful west Texas hill country — Utopia, TX. During the weekend of Sept. 28-30, over 20 top bands from around the world descend into the hills and end up in a secluded valley with vista's stretching for miles. There a lucky 1,800 people (capped audience) will enjoy a BYOB, free parking, free camping festival like none other. It's a magical location that has been the spot for many unreal music moments. UTOPiAfest last year featured bands such as Blitzen Trapper, Dawes, Keller Williams, Wheeler Brothers, Black & White Years, Grupo Fantasma, and Art vs. Science.


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