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The Pop Almanac Podcast #30: The Aaron Sorkin Master List

The Pop Almanac Podcast #30: The Aaron Sorkin Master List

Every ten episodes of the Pop Almanac is Master List time, when Brendan and Duncan get rank-happy.

The trailer for The Newsroom, the new show from tv creator and Oscar winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, was recently released online in advance of the show's June premiere. So to bide the time, your hosts rank his eight other major works from worst to first. Was Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip in fact the biggest "boondoggle" in tv history? You'll never guess which of your hosts has a soft spot for the screwball silliness of Sports Night, Sorkin's first tv show. And how much of the blame/credit goes to the directors of Sorkin's various screenplays, from the DOA Charlie Wilson's War to the seminal The Social Network?
And how can anything Sorkin does ever seem as important as the liberal fantasyland that he created on The West Wing?
It's an episode of banter, walk and talks, and balancing earnest moments with the stakes involved. Listen if you can keep up!

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