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The Pop Almanac Podcast #33: The Avengers

The Pop Almanac Podcast #33: The Avengers

Would you believe the phrase "Avengers Assemble!" was inexplicably not heard once during the movie The Avengers

Brendan and Duncan, though they enjoyed it quite a bit, have that and several other bones to pick with Joss Whedon's immense blockbuster on this week's Pop Almanac. Brendan's encyclopedic knowledge of how the Hulk's powers work left him with a lot of issues regarding how controllable his rage was at certain times, Duncan thinks Loki's big plan to sabotage the Avengers makes no sense at all.

Ultimately, the huge battle sequence at the end of the film makes a lot of the continuity errors and clumsy plotting worth sitting through, and the cast adds drama to what could have been some corny team dynamics. But is The Avengers "the best superhero movie of all time," as many fanboys (and the box office numbers) suggest, or is it just a relief that it's entertaining after several mediocre Marvel Studios films?

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