Comedy Radio Returns

New comedy radio station hits Austin airwaves with all-day laughs

New comedy radio station hits Austin airwaves with all-day laughs

Those who mourned the loss of Comedy 102.7 FM can rejoice: An all-comedy radio station is once again on the air in Austin. Comedy 1260 AM, which launched this week, is home to jokes from some of the greatest comedians ever.

Comedy fans will be happy to know that the material for 1260 AM will be sourced from 24/7 Comedy Network, the same source for Austin's former comedy station, reports Austin360

Comedy 1260 AM is part of the Austin Radio Network, a collection of stations owned by local radio legend Bob Cole. The network, which includes KOKE FM (98.5 and 99.3 FM) and The Horn (104.9 FM) has been shaking things up as of late.

In addition to switching the 1260 AM frequency from a gospel station to comedy, the network has made some big FM changes. 105.3 The Fringe, an alternative, retro rock station that hosted the J.B. Hager and Sandy McIlree in the morning, is now The Classic, dedicated to old-school, classic tunes. The format change, which happened last month, also signaled the McIlree's departure from the airwaves. Hager can still be heard weekdays from 6-9 am. 

Need some laughs right now? Listen live to Austin's Comedy Channel here

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Austin's new all-comedy radio station is on the air. Courtesy of Austin Radio Network