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Pentagon plans for zombie apocalypse, honest wedding invitation and more links we love

Pentagon plans for zombie apocalypse, honest wedding invite and more

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now.

1. The Pentagon has a plan to stop the zombie apocalypse. When the U.S. military says it plans for every possible disaster, it means it. A document titled "CONOP 8888" (aka Counter-Zombie Dominance) details how the military would preserve human life, maintain law and order, and restore basic services "during and after a zombie attack."

2. Cat fights off dog that attacks toddler. Four-year-old Jeremy was riding his bike in his driveway when a dog attacked him. The family cat, Tara, swooped in and ran off the dog. Many people thought the one-minute video was staged, so the family released an unedited version of the surveillance video to quiet the vicious rumors.

3. Honest wedding invitation tells it like it is. Late spring and early summer is prime wedding season, and although the occasion is theoretically about the bride and groom, guests can make or break your big day.

4. How Stephen Sutton charmed Britain. It's not often we jump across the pond for our link roundup, but Stephen Sutton is worth the journey. The 19-year-old raised more than 3 million euros for the Teenage Cancer Trust and created a "weird and wonderful" bucket list before he succumbed to terminal cancer.

5. Mariah Carey debuts funky collaboration with D.C. rapper. Everybody loves a good comeback story, and Mariah Carey has been writing hers for some time. This week, she debuted her new song "You Don't Know What To Do" live on The Today Show. The track is part of Carey's long-awaited album Elusive Chanteuse.

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