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The Pop Almanac Podcast #36: Dead End Collaborations

The Pop Almanac Podcast #36: Dead End Collaborations

So there's this thing on the internet — it's a trailer for Baz Luhrman's adaptation of The Great Gatsby, and the hosts of The Pop Almanac can't tell if it's a travesty or a moving magic eye puzzle.

After staring fruitlessly for a little while, Brendan and Duncan move onto to Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, and how they need a creative divorce. Dark Shadows, the latest Tim Burton movie where Johnny Depp plays a pale weirdo, tanked at the box office, and it's long past time that Tim Burton found a new muse.
The conversation moves on to to other collaborations that have become too predictable, like Steven Spielberg and his favorite score composer, a beloved band of mockumentary makers and even one of The Pop Almanac's all-time favorite filmmakers.
It's a loose, tangent-filled episode — give it a listen!

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