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Best bites from ACL, bicycle bar in East Austin and more popular stories

Best bites from ACL, bicycle bar in East Austin plus popular stories

East Side King Brussels sprout salad
One of our favorite bites from ACL.  Photo courtesy of East Side King

What a week. Between the Ebola virus claiming its first victim on U.S. soil to the Nobel Prize announcements to Kim Jong-un's mysterious disappearance (seriously, where is he?), the news cycle lately has been erratic at best. But what about Austin? What's going on here? We pried ourselves away from Amanda Bynes' Twitter feed just long enough to bring you the top stories of the week. Take a look. 

1. Contributor Layne Lynch rounds up the 21 best bites from Austin City Limits Music Festival

2. The Wheel, a bicycle-themed bar in East Austin, announced it will open this fall. 

3. Austin is ranked as the most overvalued housing market in the nation. 

4. Our favorite outfits from ACL — plus what not to wear to the festival.

5. An 8th grader created a beautiful map of Austin's dream subway system.