Panic on the Streets of Austin

Austin Panic Room offers mysterious new experience

Austin Panic Room offers mysterious new experience

Austin Panic Room
Austin Panic Room in East Austin. Austin Panic Room/Facebook

KVUE — There's a brand new type of entertainment making a debut in Austin, and it's all the work of five University of Texas students who were inspired by a trip overseas. It's called Austin Panic Room, located inside a house in East Austin, and CultureMap's reporting partners at KVUE are giving you an exclusive look inside the new business.

UT senior Shannon Wey is one of the five founders of Austin Panic Room. Wey and her four Panic Room co-founders got the idea during a trip to London. "On Trip Adviser, their No. 1 attraction in London was their live escape games, and we thought, 'Okay, this sounds really interesting, let's just try it,'" said Wey.

The group agreed it was a one-of-a-kind experience, and decided to start a similar business in Austin. The goal is simple: Escape the room in 60 minutes using only your mind, logic and the power of teamwork.

"When people come, we immerse them in a story line. We say, 'Okay this is the current situation, this is your mission, and you have one hour to escape,'" Wey said. "When people go into the room, immediately they kind of see this weird setup. Sometimes it looks like an apartment or office, just depending on what the theme is. And there are locks everywhere."

Wey says so far everyone who has tried it has loved it. So far, they have groups of students, families and even coworkers sign up for the panic room. Each person pays $20 and the Austin Panic Room is open seven days a week. Reservations can be made online here.


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