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Bill Nye explains evolution with emojis and more links we love right now

Bill Nye explains evolution with emojis and more links we love

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now:

1. Bill Nye uses emojis to explain evolution in under two minutes. The Science Guy continues to teach youths that science doesn't need to be intimidating. It's no "AC/DC Charge," but that might be nostalgia talking. 

2. Mom calls in to CSPAN to tell her two pundit sons to take a breather come Christmastime. Brad and Dallas Woodhouse are brothers — one is a Democrat, the other a Republican — and their mom wants them to stop bickering when they come home "down South" next week. 

3. This tortoise helps its tortoise buddy get back on his feet. We've all been that tortoise on his back, so text your best friend and thank them for all the times they turned you back over so you wouldn't die. 

4. Jon Hamm stops by The Late Late Show for a chat with Craig Ferguson. It's Ferguson's last week as the show's host and as late night's best interviewer. Hamm has a beard. What else do you need to know? (Interview starts around 14:30 of the video.) 

5. Inside Lacrosse publishes its annual All-Name Team headlined by Johns Hopkins' brothers Wellington and Shackleford Stanwick. Past Texas All-Name Team members include Remington Steele, Rhett Miller (no, not that one), Deets Hoffman, Neth Weidemann and Ridge Flick. I swear I didn't make any of those up. 

Bill Nye
Bill Nye and his bow ties are here to make science make sense.  Courtesy photo
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Bearded Jon Hamm is the best Jon Hamm.  Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images For Jameson
Bill Nye
News_Independent Spirit Awards_Jon Hamm_Jennifer Westefeldt