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Austin news feed: Best booze of 2014, Qui and Franklin dream dinner plus more

Austin news feed: Best beer of 2014 plus Qui and Franklin dream dinner

Paul Qui_Aaron Franklin_LeighAnn Bakunas_Texas Monthly_selfie
Paul Qui, Aaron Franklin and LeighAnn Bakunas with Texas Monthly are teaming up for a special dinner — that's already sold out. Paul Qui/Instagram

Editor's note: Over the course of a week, we come across dozens of newsy tidbits and interesting links that we want to share with you. For this weekly roundup, we gather all the news we found scrumptious, astounding and ... hairy.

1. Hometown foodie duo dream dinner sells out in minutes. Earlier this week, Texas Monthly announced that it would be hosting a special dinner on January 25 with two local food stars: Aaron Franklin and Paul Qui. Sounds amazing right? Hopefully you already bought a plate, because the $200 tickets sold out within five minutes.

2. Austin Beer Guide names top brews of 2014. ABG's annual "Best of" list was announced on Thursday and local favorites like as Austin Beerworks and Jester King Brewery took top spots. Keep an eye out for the physical copy around town and read the full list. 

3. I'd like my tequila with extra añejo, please. Dulce Vida Organic Tequila and Z Tequila have both released limited edition extra añejo tequila just in time for the holidays. These aged agave spirits have been stewing for the past five years.

4. Bring Bevo home for the holidays. Okay, you can't actually take him home. But you can watch the Longhorn mascot in his natural habitat on Christmas Day from 7 am until noon on the Longhorn Network. We're in Texas — why watch a boring fake fire when you can watch Bevo?

5. The larger the hipster beard, the smaller the ... personality. Satirical blog Wundergound posted a story joking that hipster beards are grown by men to "compensate for a lack of personality," according to a (fake) university study.