« Back to article: Neiman Marcus celebrates first New York store with tony soiree

Karen Katz and Stephen Ross at Neiman Marcus party
Neiman Marcus CEO Karen Katz and developer Stephen Ross admire the model of the Hudson Yards complex, which will be home to a new Neiman Marcus store in 2018. Courtesy photo
Linda Fargo and Rachel Zoe at Neiman Marcus party
Bergdorf Goodman fashion director Linda Fargo and designer Rachel Zoe. Courtesy photo
Jim Gold and Pamela Baxter at Neiman Marcus party
Neiman Marcus president Jim Gold and LMVH Perfumes & Cosmetics CEO Pamela Baxter. Courtesy photo
Karen Katz and Stephen Ross at Neiman Marcus party
Karen Katz and Kenneth Himmel address the notables. Courtesy photo
Ken Downing at Neiman Marcus New York party
Ken Downing (left), Neiman Marcus fashion director, and Sergio Hortega. Courtesy photo
Stephen M. Ross and Jim Gold at Neiman March New York party
Stephen Ross and Jim Gold stand beside the model of the upcoming New York Neiman Marcus. Courtesy photo
Neiman Marcus party to announce New York store
The Neiman Marcus butterfly symbol flew high at the cocktail party to celebrate its first New York store. Photo by Clifford Pugh