Long Hair Don't Care

Austin stylists share top fall looks for the man who wants to tame his mane

Jose Luis Salon - undercut
Photos by Selena Solis
Jose Luis Salon - undercut 2
Photo by Selena Solis
Jose Luis Salon - tousled texture
Photo by Selena Solis
Jose Luis Salon - modern mid-length
Photo by Selena Solis

Fall is a time for fresh starts. With longer styles on trend this season, we sought the expertise of stylists from Jose Luis Salon who demonstrate how to achieve effortless looks for those of you guys who wish to tame that mane.

The following hairstyles reflect the individual. Encompassing a natural texture, they allow a projection of personal style, giving men the freedom to have a carefree cut with the option to professionalize the look with product. These are the season’s top hairstyles, and we show you how to easily achieve each of them.


Downtown Street Style

1. For a sleek look, prep towel-dried hair with grooming spray.
2. Apply a quarter-sized amount of lightweight grooming cream onto hair with fingers while blow-drying.
3. Finish by pressing men’s molding paste through hair to polish off the look and hold it into place.

Stylist: Beau Clements

Weekend Waves

If you’d like to switch from the previous sleek look to wavy locks, follow these day-to-night hair guidelines:

1. Mist your hair with grooming spray to reactivate the previous products.
2. Add a touch more of the lightweight grooming cream and scrunch it into hair.
3. Let hair air dry and you’ll achieve a natural, wavy look.

Stylist: Beau Clements

Barton Springs Free Spirit

1. First, gently towel dry hair until damp.
2. Prep hair with grooming spray.
3. Apply a nickel-sized amount of styling cream evenly onto hair, and then scrunch the ends to enhance texture.
4. Diffuse hair on a medium-heat setting.
5. Finish this tousled texture look with molding paste by emulsifying a dime to nickel-sized amount (depending on density) onto your hands before applying to the ends to enhance the texture and add hold.

Stylist: Mandy Denson

Artistic Eastsider

1. Gently towel dry hair until slightly damp.
2. Prep hair with grooming spray.
3. Apply a dime- to nickel-sized amount (depending on density) of lightweight grooming cream evenly on your hands and work it through the hair, avoiding your roots.
4. Lastly, air dry or diffuse hair on a medium-heat setting away and back from the face to finish off this naturally slicked back, mid-length look.

Stylist: Mandy Denson


Products used for these fall hairstyles:
V76 by Vaughn Ultralight Grooming Spray
V76 by Vaughn Well Groomed Ultralight Cream
V76 by Vaughn Molding Paste
V76 by Vaughn Styling Cream