Handcrafted Holiday Gifts

Our holiday gift guide: 10 great Pinterest-inspired DIY holiday gifts

DIY gifts are some of the most unique and thoughtful presents that people receive every year. Not only do they say “I care,” but they often become the most memorable gifts that stand out in a sea of gift cards and fruitcake.

If you’ve ever longed to create some of the crafty DIY masterpieces you’ve eyed on Pinterest or Etsy, look no further! We have your ultimate DIY holiday gift guide; it'll keep your wallet full, send your creativity soaring and make your loved ones feel, well, loved.

Oh, and you'll want to get some of these free, amazing labels for all your homemade gifts.

This photo: DIY beer sampler crate

For most people who love beer, what could be better than a big crate full of microbrews with their name on it?

Jack Daniels soap dispenser

What makes the best Christmas present ever? We’re pretty sure it has to be a handle of booze that magically turns into a totally practical houseware after the hangover has worn off.

Infused honey

This is another foodie-friendly DIY gift that has a bit more flair than, say, homemade apple butter or jam. Not only does it look pretty, but it smells divine!

Vanilla extract

How many times have you settled for buying ‘imitation vanilla extract’ at the store? You’ll never go back once you taste the real thing.

Scrabble coasters

These coasters are ridiculously creative, make a great conversation starter and are cheap! You can buy a set of Scrabble letters for $5.99 on Amazon!

Breaking Bad pillows

Okay, so this may be the hardest of the DIY gifts on our list, but it's seriously awesome. Any hardcore fan of Breaking Bad will not only love you forever but will brag of your amazing DIY skills to all their friends. Seriously, how cool are these pillows?!

DIY vodka infusions

Infused vodkas are easy to make and an instant crowd pleaser. The number of flavors you can make is infinite: Bacon jalapeño? Cucumber watermelon? Use dried fruit for the longest shelf life.

Spice rubs

Everyone needs their meat rubbed. Why not help out? (Bonus: Comes with free, downloadable, typographic labels to prettify your jars!)


We have all seen terrariums at fancy boutiques and West Elm for upward of $75, but did you know they cost under $10 to make and require little to no maintenance, forever?

DIY coffee mugs

Love the look of personalized porcelain but don’t want to spend $20 on making a mug? How about $5 on making adorable mugs for the whole family?