Hard Stop

City of Austin pulls the plug on dockless scooter applications

City of Austin pulls the plug on new electric scooters applications

Bird Austin electric scooter
The city is putting on the brakes on new permits for scooters. Courtesy photo

KVUE — The Austin Transportation Department announced Thursday it has hit the brakes on issuing new licenses to dockless mobility companies. Austin Transportation said their staff will investigate the level of demand for currently licensed scooters, bikes, and vehicles.

Austin Transportation said the goal of this pause is to monitor the average number of daily trips per unit through monthly reports that companies submit. Once all the data is collected and analyzed, the staff will determine whether to resume issuing licenses.

Austin Transportation determines appropriate fleet sizes by gauging factors, which include:

  • How many vehicles can be effectively managed by operators and their staff,
  • Daily usage and geographical distribution of individual devices, and
  • Safety and accessibility of the right of way.

Dockless mobility companies are currently only allowed to have 500 units in the Downtown Austin Project Coordination Zone. Some companies who practice safety, usage and management are are granted exceptions.


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