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RTX, Austin's first gaming expo, announces Halo 4 hands-on and Freddie Wong keynote

RTX, Austin's first gaming expo, announces Halo 4 hands-on and Freddie Wong keynote

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Rooster Teeth, creators of web-series sensation Red vs Blue, have announced the first wave of content from their upcoming gaming/internet convention, RTX. The expo, which is being held July 7 and 8 at the Convention Center, will bring together YouTube stars and game developers in what looks to be a savory blend of funny internet culture and game demos through the trade floor. 

Most notably will be the hands-on premiere of Halo 4 gameplay, the follow up to one of Microsoft’s biggest titles. Luckily for RTX registrants, Rooster Teeth has a long history with the Halo franchise, making them a perfect fit for the premiere.

A new gameplay mode, called “Halo Infinity Multiplayer” will be available for any RTX badgeholder to demo, and apparently there will be some sort of tournament held, with the winners earning the opportunity to face off against Team Rooster Teeth on the main stage.

Also announced for the expo were some of the special guests: Rocco, Derrick, Shawn, Garrett and Erick from the hilarious video game prank series Mega64, YouTube darling Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen, Ryan Wyatt from Fwiz Gaming Live along with a handful of other viral stars.

To deliver the keynote speech, Rooster Teeth recruited YouTube director and Guitar Hero 2 World Champion Freddie Wong. Creator of hundreds of gaming-related videos and former World Series of Gaming competitor, Wong clearly gets the gaming audience. It’s great to see Rooster Teeth choose him to deliver the keynote of their inaugural expo, skipping some more obvious choices and going with someone endearing to the culture of internet and gaming.

These announcements make up only the first portion of what the convention will offer, and already it is shaping up to be a packed weekend for internet fans and gamers alike. With any luck, Rooster Teeth’s RTX expo will grow into the gaming trade show Austin needs, one that embraces a hands on, fan-driven approach. Badges are on sale now and moving fast, so be sure and get yours before time runs out.