SXSW Adds Segment

SXSW comes out swinging with addition of brand new segment to 2014 festival

SXSW comes out swinging with brand new segment to 2014 festival

Nate Silver at SXSW 2009
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SXSW Sports SXsports
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Nate Silver at SXSW 2009
SXSW Sports SXsports

First it was music, then it was film and interactive. So what could category could SXSW add to the already colossal festival to make it even more dynamic? Sports.

On October 1, SXSW announced that it would be adding a sports segment including a keynote address by statistician superstar Nate Silver. The inaugural sports segment (which has been coined SXsports) runs March 7- 9, 2014 and will also feature ESPN columnist and Editor-in-Chief Bill Simmons, Peter Gruber and Bob Morgan, among others.

SXsports will also have sports insiders like Texas Tech football coach Kliff Kingsbury, Bryan Srabian, director of social media for the San Francisco Giants and Jordan Maleh who runs social media for NCAA powerhouse University of Michigan. Hmm, we can't help but notice who is not on that list.

“The world of sports truly hits the sweet spot of SXSW, the vital intersection of entertainment and technology, and we intend to approach it with the same forward-thinking and culturally relevant perspective we shine on all of our events,” said Rebecca Feferman, head of film media relations and programmer for SXSW, in a press release.

The lineup is still in the works, but head to the SXsports website for more information.