Googling Austin

Death, DOMA and how to twerk topped things Austin Googled in 2013

Death, DOMA and how to twerk topped things Austin Googled in 2013

Miley Cyrus grinds on Robin Thicke at the VMAs
Twerking, sadly, topped a few search lists. Photo courtesy of MTV
Johnny Manziel
Oh, Johnny. We just couldn't get enough information about this A&M superstar.
Paul Walker
Paul Walker was the most searched person in Austin this year. Wikipedia
Miley Cyrus grinds on Robin Thicke at the VMAs
Johnny Manziel
Paul Walker

Google officially released the top terms, phrases and events Austinites punched into the search engine this year. So what do the results reveal about the city? Well, in addition to being pretty in-tune with popular culture (before we go any further, we all Googled "twerking" quite a bit), we also have fairly unconventional hobbies (soldering, calligraphy and sewing were also in the top 10 most searched how-to's). 

What else did we want to know about this year?

Top trending 'how-to' searches in Austin in 2013
1. how to twerk
2. how to levitate (apparently we watch The Craft a lot here in Austin)
3. how to sew
4. how to tweet
5. how to type
6. how to swim
7. how to factor
8. how to bowl
9. calligraphy how to 
10. how to solder

Google's "What is" searches also sheds some light on our city's culture. Yes, twerking appears once again on the list, but the majority of the terms people wanted information about centered around technology. Oh, and Breaking Bad.

Top trending 'what is' searches in Austin in 2013
1. what is twerking
2. what is DOMA
3. what is ricin
4. what is passover
5. what is MS
6. what is snapchat
7. what is hashtag
8. what is bitcoin
9. what is vine
10. what is barbacoa

We love a sensational story, something that couldn't be more evident than in the people we searched this year. While the individuals ranged from embattled athletes to teen stars turned train wrecks, the folks we Googled either died or were simply not having a good year. (Also, while "royal baby" topped many search lists this year, here in Austin it didn't even crack the top 10.)

Top trending people in Austin in 2013
1. Paul Walker
2. Cory Monteith
3. Kidd Kraddick
4. Adrian Peterson
5. Jodi Arias
6. Nelson Mandela
7. Johnny Manziel
8. Amanda Bynes
9. Aaron Hernandez
10. Miley Cyrus

So, here's to 2014; may Miley's twerking never reign over Google again.