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Put the 'pop' in National Popcorn Day with these delicious local treats

Put the 'pop' in National Popcorn Day with these local treats

Cornucopia Popcorn_Austin_flavors
Cornucopia Popcorn delivers on a huge variety of sweet and savory popcorn flavors. Cornucopia Popcorn/Facebook
Swift's Attic popcorn and a movie
Swift's Attic has a dessert dish called "Popcorn & a Movie" with butter popcorn gelato and root beer gel. Courtesy of Swift's Attic
Max's Wine Dive_buffalo blue cheese popcorn
Max's Wine Dive is offering two special popcorn butter flavors, including buffalo blue cheese mixture with cayenne. Courtesy of Max's Wine Dive
Cornucopia Popcorn_Austin_flavors
Swift's Attic popcorn and a movie
Max's Wine Dive_buffalo blue cheese popcorn

National Popcorn Day is Monday, January 19. To get your fix, we've rounded up some of the tastiest popcorn dishes around town, from the sweet to the savory — as well as traditional popcorn treats.

Swift's Attic
This popular dessert option has become a staple of the Swift's Attic menu. The Popcorn & a Movie dish starts with butter popcorn gelato and adds house-made candy, caramel corn and a root beer gel.

Olivia's take on popcorn offers a less literal approach. You'll find a white popcorn sabayon complemented with soft chocolate, smoked sesame, dulce de leche and bay laurel meringue.

St. Philip Pizza Parlor + Bakeshop
Skip the pizza and head straight to the bakery for St. Philip's salted popcorn cookie, a sweet and salty confection that certainly delivers.

Max's Wine Dive
In honor of National Popcorn Day, Max's Wine Dive is offering a special popcorn appetizer with two different flavor options: buffalo blue cheese mixture with cayenne, or bone marrow, sea salt and gremolata.

Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill
Moonshine offers complimentary popcorn to snack on while you wait for decadent Southern fare. Indulge in a classic Moonshine patio cocktail or plate of chicken and waffles — after you've had your popcorn, of course.

Alamo Drafthouse
What goes better with popcorn than a movie? Alamo Drafthouse offers bottomless buttered popcorn for only $6. An extra dollar gets you delicious herb parmesan.

Reel Popcorn
This Austin-based popcorn company offer interesting savory flavors like wasabi ranch, coconut curry, bacon cheddar and pizza. Reel Popcorn also serves candied popcorn and mixes, like the "Texas Trio" with cheddar, ranch and barbecue. You order popcorn online and have it delivered or stop by the shop in South Austin.

Cornucopia Popcorn
Cornucopia creates a variety of candied and chocolate flavors that stand out, such as honey lavender caramel and Nutella delight. Notable savory flavors include biscuits and gravy, loaded baked potato and Texas chili. You can visit the shop on Red River Street or have your popcorn order delivered to your doorstep.