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ClassPass founder works out new subscription lunch service for Austin

ClassPass founder works out new subscription lunch service for Austin

Chi'Lantro Kimchi Fries
Chi'Lantro is one of the Austin restaurants signed up with MealPal. Chi'Lantro/Facebook

In the fitness-obsessed Capital City, monthly discount subscription service ClassPass has become synonymous with working out. Now, co-founder Mary Biggins is looking to apply that successful formula to lunch when MealPal launches in Austin on February 19.

Founded in 2013 by Biggins and Katie Gheli, the service already covers 19 international cities. Usually MealPal only focuses on the urban core, but for the first time ever, the company is expanding the map to include a college campus, making itself available both downtown and in the University of Texas neighborhood.

The MealPal model will be familiar to anyone who has ever used ClassPass. Just as the latter encourages members to mix and match yoga sessions with high impact interval training, the service invites users to try a variety of lunch options from over 75 restaurants, including local favorites like Torchy’s Tacos, Noon Mediterranean, Second Bar & Kitchen, Mad Greens, and Chi’Lantro.

For students and downtown workers that frequently dine out, becoming a member can add up to big savings. Plates than normally run $10-$15 are offered for around $6, a discount of more than 40 percent.

The service also provides convenience. While food is not delivered, MealPal does take care of the payment so guests can skip the line when they pick up the order.

Two different subscriptions will be available when MealPal debuts. The 20-meal plan offers lunches for $5.99 per meal; the 12-meal plan runs slightly higher at $6.39.