SXSW 2016
Best Beer Ever

Alamo Drafthouse and Austin Beerworks release the most Austin-y beer ever

Drafthouse and Austin Beerworks release the most Austin-y beer ever

Everybody Wants Some beer Richard Linklater Austin Beerworks Alamo Drafthouse
This could be the most Austin-y thing ever. Photo courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse

This is arguably the most Austin-y thing to happen in a while. An Austin movie chain is teaming up with an Austin brewery to produce a beer inspired by Austin's favorite filmmaker.

Introducing Everybody Wants Some, a craft brew from Alamo Drafthouse and Austin Beerworks in honor of Richard Linklater's movie of the same name. This fresh lager marks the first time the two local powerhouses have partnered on a product.

"Everybody Wants Some is our favorite kind of beer: extremely drinkable while still being interesting," says Austin Beerworks head brewer William Golden in a release. He describes the brew as having a clean, hoppy finish with wheat, fruit, and floral notes. 

The beer hits shelves at select Austin-area stores and Texas Alamo Drafthouse locations in April, coinciding with the movie's release on April 1. Everybody Wants Some is said to be a spiritual sequel to Linklater's cult classic Dazed and Confused. The new film chronicles a group of college baseball players in the 1980s.

"This is definitely a beer-drinking movie — it's a big piece of that hard partying college world," says Linklater in the release. "It's flattering and fitting that these two institutions in my own backyard, Alamo Drafthouse and Austin Beerworks, would come together to celebrate the release of Everybody Wants Some in this way. Downing a can or two of beer while watching it certainly feels appropriate — but you should probably resist any urge to shotgun them."

Beer isn't the only local tribute to the long-awaited film. In honor of the movie's SXSW premiere, Mondo Gallery is hosting a Linklater-inspired art show during the festival.