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Asador taco Austin
Asador's tacos are some of the best bar food in the city. Asador/ Facebook
Dai Due Taqueria ATX
Dai Due Taqueria uses all local ingredients. Photo by Adam Boles
Discada tacos ATX
Discada makes only one kind of taco, but it is perfect. Discada
Suerte ATX pastor tacos
Suerte puts a innovative spin on traditional Mexican cuisine. Photo courtesy of Suerte
Tacodeli mojo fish
Tacodeli sets the bar for chain restaurants. Courtesy photo
Veracruz All Natural food truck migas taco
Veracruz All Natural built an empir on migas tacos. Photo courtesy of Veracruz All Natural
Tamale House East taco cochinia pibil
Tamale House is an oasis in East Austin. Tamale House East/ Facebook
Valentina's ATX Real Deal Holyfield
Valentina's combines two of Texas' greatest cooking traditions. Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ/ Facebook
Vaquero Taquero taco food truck
Vaquero Taquero brings the Rio Grande Valley to Austin. Vaquero Taquero/Facebook