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1417 restaurant in Austin
1417. Photo Courtesy of 1417
5280. Photo courtesy of 5280
Birdie's. Photo courtesy of Birdie's
Canje restaurant East Austin
Canje. Photo courtesy of Canje
Con Todo Taco
Con Todo. Con Todo/Instagram
Curry Pizza House
Curry Pizza House. Courtesy of Curry Pizza House
Delicious Tamales Austin
Delicious Tamales. Delicious Tamales/ Facebook
Koko's Bavarian
Koko's Bavarian. Photo by Mackenzie Smith Kelley
Llama Kid
Llama Kid. Llama Kid/Facebook
Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls
Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls. Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls/Facebook
spinach corn tortilla veg tacos
R19. Courtesy of R19 Taqueria
Rosen's Bagel Co.
Rosen's Bagel Co. Courtesy of Rosen's Bagel Co.
Hand rolls
Texas Sushiko. Courtesy of Couple in the Kitchen
Trudy's Del Mar
Trudy's Del Mar. Photo by Jane Yun
Wax Myrtle's interior
Wax Myrtile's. Photo by Jackie Lee Young
Yeni's Fusion
Yeni's Fusion. Yeni's Fusion/Facebook