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Finally! Stubb's expands to China. Wait, what?

Finally! Stubb's expands to China. Wait, what?

Stubb's expands to Shanghai, China
The Stubb's Chinese website is live. Photo courtesy of Stubb's China

We've all been holding our breath, waiting until the day Austin finally moved into the illustrious, coveted Shanghai space.

Wait. No we weren't?

The internets were as shocked as we were to find out on Wednesday that Stubb's newest venture would send its brisket as far east as China, with a brick and mortar restaurant appropriately dubbed Stubb's China.

The Austin Business Journal reports, "To prepare for the Shanghai location, grandsons of Stubb’s founders Rocky and Reggie Stubblefield took a two-month trip to Shanghai to train staff in Texas barbecue."

The restaurant's website is already live, and the Texas blood runs thick through the "About Us" section in which C.B. Stubblefield's story is detailed. Surprisingly, the menu shows very little deviation from original Stubb's recipes. Rather, mac n' cheese bacon, queso and barbecue platter plates are to be served in all their finger-lickin' glory.

While we doubt the Shanghai outpost can top Austin's Gospel Brunch, the site does list a small advertisement for live music every Friday and Saturday night, keeping with the tradition of the Live Music Capital of the World.

By all accounts, it appears that Stubb's China will be serving up tried and true Texas barbecue. The only difference might be the large side of Texas kitsch (shot holsters, a "stylized, old" atmosphere) that will accompany the meat in China. And sure, it's an unlikely choice for expansion, but can you imagine the sheer joy of any Southern expats living in Shanghai?