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Vaquero Taquero taco food truck
Vaquero Taquero's new brick-and-mortar was just what Austin needed. Vaquero Taquero/Facebook
Oseyo Austin cocktail
Oseyo's cocktails use Asian ingredients for unexpected flavor profiles. Photo by Carli Rene/ Inked Fingers
TLV falafel
TLV serves hummus, sabbiches, and other Israeli favorites. Photo by Julia Keim
Uroko sign
Uroko serves temaki during the day and an omakase at night. Uroko/Facebook
DipDipDip Austin overhead table
DipDipDip Tatsu-Ya is currently Austin's hottest ticket. Photo by Jody Horton
Mum Foods Deli Exterior
Mum Foods will only be on Manor Road for a year. Mum Foods Deli/Facebook