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Texas chef shows home cooks how to slice steak like a pro

Texas chef shows home cooks how to slice steak like a pro

In this episode of Chef Secrets, we went behind the line with executive chef Kirstyn Brewer of Victor Tangos in Dallas. She shows us the proper way to slice meat.

She demonstrates using the restaurant’s sliced hanger steak with barbecue lentils (a twist on barbecue beans) and tomatillo salsa verde. First, once the steak is cooked to the desired temperature, she suggests you cover it with foil to keep it warm and let it rest, so the juices redistribute and don’t run out when you slice it.

Sounds obvious, but the right tool also is key, namely a very sharp knife.

She slices against the grain, creating shorter striations of muscle, so that it’s not tough. Because she’s right-handed, she likes to start away from her left hand and slice toward it.

“When I do that I find that the meat falls in a more natural way, and I have a little more control over it,” she says.

To see the whole process, watch the video.

Kirstyn Brewer of Victor Tangos in Dallas
Victor Tangos executive chef Kirstyn Brewer knows her way around a steak. Photo by Joy Wells