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Austin has one of the cheapest culinary scenes in the U.S., new study says

Austin has one of the cheapest culinary scenes, new study says

Breakfast Chavez restaurant Austin
Austin is the eighth best foodie city for your wallet. Courtesy of Chavez/Facebook

We all know that Austin is a foodie mecca, but a new study says the Capital City can keep your wallet just as happy as your stomach.

According to a new report from WalletHub, Austin is the eighth best city in the U.S. for cash-strapped foodies. To determine the cheapest and most expensive culinary scenes, the site analyzed the 150 most populated cities in the U.S. across two key dimensions: "Wallet Wellness (Affordability)" and "Diversity, Accessibility & Quality."

 Austin is the eighth best city in the U.S. for cash-strapped foodies.  

Austin didn't secure the top spot (that went to Orlando, Florida), but we did clench the No. 1 ranking for "Wallet Wellness." A contributing factor? Our low cost of groceries (Austin is tied with Knoxville, Tennessee for the fifth lowest cost).

Although we fare well on the affordability side of the equation, when it comes to "Diversity, Accessibility & Quality," Austin ranks No. 69. That score is based on a host of criteria, from access to healthy food options to number of grocery stores per capita.

Austin is the highest-ranked Texas city on the list, followed by a couple of Lone Star surprises. Brownsville ranks No. 13 and Corpus Christi follows at No. 50. Fort Worth, on the other hand, is one of the worst foodie cities for your wallet, coming in at No. 145.