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Austin rapper bakes up new career dishing out wild pizza combinations

Austin rapper bakes up new career dishing out wild pizza combinations

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Chef Dos' career has been a remarkably interesting journey. The Austin entrepreneur got his start as a hip hop artist who dabbled in crafting wild pizzas like chicken and waffle or Philly cheesesteak. Today, he runs Da Slice, pizza delivery operation based in Cherrywood, and is racking up accolades for his unique homestyle pies. 

For Chef Dos (neé Byron Mitchell), it's not enough to serve pizza to his community, he wants to change the very trajectory of the city's growth. As a black business owner, Chef Dos works to empower Austin youth and create a space where they too can own a company. 

But to do that, he says, Austin must work to combat it's biggest cultural threat: gentrification. "This is a foodie town, but gentrification definitely worries me," says the chef. "If I'm an example of how you can, as a minority, create a business that becomes successful, then I need to see that again. If we're not here, we can't do that."

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Chef Dos Da Pizza
Chef Dos is dishing out delicious pizza — and community empowerment. KLRU/Arts in Context