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Austin's best juice cleanses and healthiest meals for post-holiday recovery

Austin's best juice cleanses and meals for post-holiday recovery

Snap Kitchen healthy meal
Try Snap Kitchen for healthy, satisfying, prepared meals. Courtesy of Snap Kitchen
Daily Greens juice cleanse bottle
Daily Greens juices are available at local markets, as well as the newly opened Daily Greens Juice Bar Courtesy of Daily Greens
Snap Kitchen healthy meal
Daily Greens juice cleanse bottle

The recent gluttonous holiday feasting may have you feeling a bit bloated and off your healthiest game. Luckily, these favorite Austin-area healthy eating resources offer the nutritious nudge you’ll need to keep your belt buckled securely and to feel your finest — and fittest — for the festivities to come.

Skinny Limits
Skinny Limits offers four levels of cold-pressed, unprocessed raw juice cleanses, including a low-sugar option, with prices beginning at $54 for six 16 oz. bottles. Skinny Limits, with seven locations for pick-up (or overnight shipping), offers cleansing programs, as well as a la carte juices and smoothies. Need a little guidance through your cleanse? Skinny Limits offers a coaching-supported three-day cleanse, too.

Juiceland, with 10 Austin-area locations, offers cleansing programs as well as over 75 a la carte juices, smoothies, hot juices, shots and cocktails. There's also a selection of vegan salads and sides, many of which are gluten-free. The local favorite offers four levels of juice cleanses including a build your own option. Programs include six 16 oz. juices daily, beginning at $53.95 per day. 

Juice Society
Juice Society offers cleanses of one-, two-, three- and five-day durations, delivered to your home for $60 per day. Juice Society aims to support the organic farming community with glass-packed, hand-crafted, small batch juices. The juices, which have no additives, preservatives or pasteurization, are hand pressed, packed, bottled and delivered to the Austin-area.

Daily Juice Café
Daily Juice Café, with two Austin-area locations and two more on the way, offers a la carte juices and smoothies, grab-and-go salads and sides to pick up or dine in. You can also try one of five unique cleanses featuring eight 16 oz. juices at around $60 per day. 

Daily Greens 
Daily Greens juices are available at local markets, as well as the newly opened Daily Greens Juice Bar located on Springdale Road. You can create a cleanse of any length, with three cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices for $30 a day. Daily Greens are available for pick-up or overnight delivery.

Snap Kitchen
There are three Snap Kitchen juice cleanse programs, ranging from $47-$54, as well as a build-your-own-option. All include online support and delivery or curbside pickup at three local locations. For a true restart of your diet, try Snap Commit, a 21-day meal plan with dishes selected from a menu of mostly gluten-free food that's handmade daily. Snap Commit is priced from $575-$750. 

My Fit Foods
My Fit Foods offers portion-controlled a la carte meals and snacks, as well as nutritional beverages and supplements, at six Austin-area locations. You can also try a 21-day challenge developed in-store under the guidance of a nutrition coach. Prices for the challenge vary according to the individual program.

For the non-conformist
Are you a rugged individualist when it comes to food and fitness plans? Like to follow your own road less traveled? Below, find our favorite local options for developing or maintaining your self-guided gluttony recovery plan.