benefit for esme

For Esme, with love: Austin comes together to celebrate the life of Esme Barrera

The Austin community came together to celebrate and pay tribute to the life of Esme Barrera, whose influence as a mentor and lover of music touched the lives of countless friends. The Friday night the benefit for Esme was held at The Annex at 1808; filled with art, music and friends, Esme wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Stickers were made up for Esme with a link to

There was a silent auction outside; the offerings ranged from tattoos to vintage store gift card to delicious food.

A list of bands scheduled to play the benefit.

Quasi Trois, a trio of strings, captivated the youngest of fans.

 Many artists donated pieces for the silent auction to benefit Esme's family.

Quasi Trois.

A few vintage stores also pitched in some of the best vintage 80s & 90s rock shirts.

Les Rav;  the singer's voice is a mix between The Cranberries and Regina Spektor.

The amazing viola player from Les Rav.

These three ladies were holding down the fort as more and more donors contributed to their silent auction.

Harmonica from Rambler Rose.

Rambler Rose.