Atx SXSW 2012
style in action

Part fashion show, part trade show: Style X proves fashion is up to you, not the elite

In its second year, Style X was held at the Austin Convention Center as a SXSW-official event free and open to the public.

"At Style X, we prove that it’s up to all of us — not just the 'elite' — to do our individual part to take this bottoms-up, style-centric approach all the way to the top of those ivory towers of fashion, and tell them, emphatically, 'This time, only we can decide what is in,'” says Joah Spearman, Executive Producer and Co-Founder of Style X.

Local Austinite and popular musician Sahara Smith flows down the catwalk in a look reminiscent of Woodstock.

The fellas sported comfortable, hip style sans hassle. 

The well-known Elisa Goodkind who has held editorial posts at  both Glamour and Self magazines, joined her daughter Lily Mandelbaum on the panel discussion regarding family in fashion. Together, they stressed that fashion is about style and requires a soul.

The panel for "It's all in the Details: A Design Discussion."

"Fashion is Cool but Fashion with Technology is Cooler" was a panel of all women discussing the growing trends of fashion blogging, how to build a following, and the beauty of pinning

Here, the panel for "What's up with Urban Fashion and Streetwear?" discusses everything from the Internet's influence on emerging trends to the quality of materials selected for sneakers. In the middle is Style X co-founder, Joah Spearman. 

Bed|St¸ was filled with wore leather goodies like boots, shoes and this worn in brown leather purse.

Upscale recycle? Imagine if all of those beer and soda cans from SXSW turned into durable fashion statements.

How do you outsmart a fox? Wear Vinca's wooden fox jewelry.

Ezduzit's booth was by far the most colorful and deeply inspired by pop culture.

One visitor with particularly bold footwear received a lot of attention from the Style X crowd.

At Bernina show-goers could stop and make their own smart phone case with the help of Bernina sewing machines and an educated staff.

Santuary Print Shop literally set up shop at Style X. Guests could select a design and then the shirt it was printed on. Best of all? They print it in front of you. Pretty awesome.

Ladies could get their make up done by a pro for free from Buxom (a division of Bare Essentials), which also gave out neon fanny packs with makeup application guides and a perky mint lipgloss... oh, and cookies. 

A personal favorite of the show for me was Unstitched Utilities.  Shoes made from Tyvek, you know the material that makes up Fed Ex envelopes or the construction house wrap. These shoes not only look amazing but they are extra comfy. 

At the Refinery 29 booth, guests could channel their own DIY diva with a necklace station and a head-scarf station. Did we mention it, too, was free and run by a super nice staff?