J.J. Watt Charms Katy Perry

Katy Perry completely charmed by J.J. Watt's humble vibe: Sports' new power couple?

New power couple? Katy Perry completely charmed by J.J. Watt's vibe

J.J. Watt Houston Texans bloody nose after loss to Seahawks September 2013
Katy Perry's first impression of J.J. Watt? A Googled picture of his famous bloody face. Twitter
Tom Brady J.J. Watt Texans
Tom Brady only wishes he was getting the kind of positive press J.J. Watt is these days. Photo by © Michelle Watson/CultureMapSNAP.com
J.J. Watt Houston Texans bloody nose after loss to Seahawks September 2013
Tom Brady J.J. Watt Texans

Katy Perry admits she needed to Google J.J. Watt to find out who the best defensive player in the NFL was. Just because you're playing the Super Bowl doesn't mean you know anything about the league.

Katy Perry knows Big Bird, but she needed an introduction to J.J.

No matter, Houston's most beloved athlete quickly charmed the pop superstar when they met to do a photo shoot for ESPN Magazine's music issue. That's apparent in behind-the-scenes video ESPN's showing of the encounter on SportsCenter.

"She's playing in a bigger game than I ever got to play in," Watt says at one point. "I'm hoping to be in her shoes."

Perry is shown beaming at that, if not downright swooning. Not that Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight (Katy Perry's current football crush) likely need worry. J.J. Watt has said he's married to football at the moment, with little time for much of a serious dating life.

Not that Perry wasn't impressed by her Google detective work. She gushes about the manly first photo she saw of the Houston Texans' No. 99 — an image of Watt's famous bloody face in that nose shot game.

By now, Watt is getting used to more glamorous cover shots. His and Perry's appearance on the new ESPN Magazine cover is the third major national magazine cover for Watt in little more than two months. He graced the front of Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine in mid-November as well.

You can bet that Katy Perry won't forget his name now. Or his humble Houston-worthy charm. Yes, J.J. Watt will make it seem like Katy Perry performing at halftime of the big game is more impressive than his pushing media Golden Boy Aaron Rodgers for the league MVP award.

That's what a gentleman does.