SXSW Recovery

Electric bike store offers free rentals to Austin's service workers this week

Electric bike store offers free rentals to service workers

austin photo: news_karen_e bikes mar 2013
Peelander Z, the Japanese Punk Action Comic Band from NYC, stopped by Rocket on Monday to show some love. Courtesy of Nicole Zinn

Anyone who worked during the frenetic SXSW over the last 10 days deserves a break, some recovery from the countless hours of making Austin a great place to visit for hundreds of thousands of people. 

The local electric bike dealer Rocket Electrics is offering to take a load off for service workers by offering free day-long electric bike rentals through Thursday of this week. Through Thursday, anyone from the service industry can call the store and reserve an electric bike for the day.

Use these electric-assist bicycles to get to work, or make deliveries, or run all those errands you neglected during the past 10 days — or just to have some fun on those days off your boss is hopefully giving you after getting your butt kicked all week (and do it while saving $35).

The Rocket Electrics owners said they want to do it to thank the hard-working hotel staff, food workers, writers, photographers, musicians, "anyone else who needs some R&R" and as a show of solidarity with all of those who play host to the masses in March every year.

"We've all got to make sure we prop each other up, keep this stuff going, keep it happy," said Nicole Zinn, who owns the shop at 1608 E. Riverside, just east of I-35. Visit their website here or call 512-442-2453 to reserve your e-bike today.