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Art from the Ashes: Bastrop exhibit salvages and restores spirit after devastating wildfires

In September of 2011, the most destructive wildfire in Texas history raged through Bastrop County, Texas. The blaze devastated the region’s signature Loblolly Pine population and further compromised the habitat of the endangered Houston Toad.

This weekend, ART from the Ashes Bastrop Exhibition will open at the historic Starr Building on West Sixth Street. The exhibition, presented in conjunction with Big Medium, will showcase over 70 works of art donated by Texas based artists and ART from the ashes.

In AFTA's spirit of "Support. Inspire. Create. Renew," featured works incorporate materials salvaged from fire site locations in Bastrop County. This diverse spectrum of mediums will be further enhanced with the inclusion of a unique art-science exhibit that will explore the creative ways in which artists have depicted fire ecology through the ages; "Works On Wood" an installation created by Bastrop County's youth utilizing reclaimed Loblolly pine.

ART from the ashes Exhibition to benefit the Lost Pines Region. April 28th – May 5th with opening reception on April 28th. 


Laura Dugan "Promise #1"

The week long exhibition will also include several special events. 

The opening reception on April 28th will feature sips, bites and entertainment by the Aiana String Quartet, the newly appointed Young Professional Quartet in Residence at the University of Texas in Austin; Sunday will showcase the modern bluegrass of The Lost Pines Bluegrass Band

The week long exhibition will close on Saturday May 5th with a performance by the Peterson Brothers Band, a couple of young men from Bastrop who you may have seen around town doing their damnedest to keep the blues alive.


Debra Broz "New Growth Looks Toward the Sun"

All proceeds from the exhibit will benefit the Lost Pines Recovery Team's restoration efforts for the Lost Pines Region of Bastrop County, Texas.   

The current cost estimates of the five year plan to restore the native vegetation in the Bastrop area is over 17-million dollars.


Monique Capanelli "Angel"

LPHCP Administrator, Roxanne Hernandez says, “We are grateful to have AFTA’s support in generating desperately needed funds to restore the uniqueness of the Lost Pines ecosystem.

These funds will be used for reseeding native grasses and wildflowers, planting loblolly pines and hardwoods, and controlling soil erosion that is threatening the community's infrastructure and private property. 

AFTA recognizes that healing the landscape is a vital component to our overall recovery, and that creating beauty from destruction will help heal the human spirit. 

We are thrilled that the Lost Pines Recovery Team is the recipient of AFTA's first ever support outside its home state of California.”



Randall Reid "Starting Over"

Brian Phillips "Pardon Our Dust, While We Rebuild"





Pat Johnson "Restoration"





Revi Meicler "Metamorphosis II"





Peter Mangan "Looking Glass"





Peggy Jo Hilburn "A Sunday Afternoon"





Roxanne Hernandez "A Phoenix of Earth and Ore"





Mary Fischer "Untitled"





Lisa Studier "Houston Toad"





Wendy Wight "Ironsides"





W. Tucker "Three Boats to Carry Me Home Safely"