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Bikini's founder wants you to go on his new 'authentic' tours of Austin

Bikini's founder wants you to go on his new tours of Austin

Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill waitress in bathing suit top serving guys at bar
Austin Tour Company aims to give guests an authentic Austin experience.  Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill/Google Plus

Entrepreneur Doug Guller — who owns Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill (and the town, Bikinis, TX), Chicago House, Historic Scoot Inn and more — has announced his latest endeavor: the Austin Tour Company. The company, owned by Guller’s company ATX Brands, will launch in May, according to a press release.

The tours, which include a distillery tour of Deep Eddy Vodka and an “outlaw country" dive bar crawl, are meant to be “an opportunity to experience the Austin lifestyle,” says Nicole Jensen, the director of operations at Austin Tour Company.

A “How Austin Got Weird” tour aims to “show guests not only how Austin got weird in the first place, but how it has stayed that way all these years.” The 90-minute, $25 tour promises to show both tourists and residents “Austin in its truest form,” although surely some residents will argue that now that we’ve reached a stage where we’re touring our weirdness, we've become pretty normal after all.

There’s also “The AustiNight” tour that varies by evening, but promises to take guests out to the top places and events that “locals are hitting up any given night.” We’re just guessing here, but we bet guests can expect to visit spots like the Parish, Pelons Tex-Mex and the Vinyl. (In case you missed it, those are all spots owned by Guller.)

Austinites that often find themselves imbibing outside of Austin should be excited about the Austin Tour Company though. In addition to offering river floats (the first one, a “Cinco de Mayo Flotador” will cost $40 per person and includes round-trip transportation to Austin, a tube and a cooler), the company also plans to offer VIP transportation and tailgate packages for events like Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic and Float Fest.

For more information and a full list of tours, head here.