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Austin dog found in Indiana returns home after 6 years on the run

Austin dog found in Indiana returns home after 6 years on the run

Bailey the Yorkie
Bailey the Yorkie is home after six years on the run. Photo courtesy of KVUE/

KVUE — He was born March 3, 2004 — a little bundle of fur named Bailey. "At the time I was at college at UTEP, the University of Texas in El Paso, and he was my roommate, so he meant the world to me," said Bailey's owner, Grisel Jaramillo.

Bailey was there for Jaramillo every day. He was part of every holiday and he was even the ring bearer in her wedding. But six years ago, Bailey vanished. A jogger saw someone scoop him up from the family's front yard and the pup wasn't seen again until September 16.

Like a dream come true, someone spotted the dirty and flea covered Yorkie walking down an Indianapolis, Indiana sidewalk carrying a bone in his mouth. Lucky for Bailey, his link home would prove to be a microchip with Jaramillo's information. "It is rare for a dog to be missing for six years and be secured with a microchip," said Danielle Beck with Indy Lost Pet Alert.

The reaction in Pflugerville? "Bailey was found," said Jaramillo. "And here I am, I feel my body shaking my response and I start crying."

Immediately people in Indiana started raising money to get Bailey home — and on Thursday night it happened. A six-year journey ended when Bailey arrived at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in the loving arms of a volunteer who offered to let the Yorkie tag along on her business trip from Indiana to Austin.


To read the full story and to see video of Bailey's reunion, head to KVUE.