Goodbye, pies

North Austin location of popular local pizzeria quietly serves last slice

North Austin location of popular local pizzeria serves last slice

East Side Pies in Austin
East Side Pies has closed its North Central Austin location. Courtesy photo

East Side Pies has retreated out of North Central Austin. After seven years in business, the pizza chain shuttered its 1809 W. Anderson Ln. location on August 18.

ESP office manager Mikey McCarthy confirmed the closure and noted that the restaurant will still deliver to the area from its 5312 Airport Blvd. location, which also serves as a commissary kitchen. McCarthy also said the eatery was able to retain all of the West Anderson store’s 19 employees.

“It was a very serious and difficult decision, but it was the best business practice for us. [The West Anderson location] was crucial in expanding the delivery zone out of the Airport shop because the Anderson shop had curated such a loyal and wonderful customer base," she said. "With all of it, we are a stronger company.”

Michael Freid, co-owner of East Side Pies, offered more context in a post on Nextdoor, saying the Anderson Lane store was too close to the mini-chain’s store at 5312 Airport Blvd. Also, it was difficult to “make this spot work out” with just three parking spaces.

In addition to the Airport Boulevard location, its restaurants on Rosewood Avenue, 183 North, and the location at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport will remain open.

The chain also opened a new concept Side Spot Superette in late May, which sells a selection of beer, coffee, and pastries.