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6 things to know about Austin this week: Bumble's new headquarters, 'brunch' tacos, and more

6 things to know about Austin this week: Bumble and 'brunch' tacos

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Bumble is building a new headquarters in Austin, complete with a mental health room and child care. Courtesy of Bumble/Facebook

Editor's note: Covering a boomtown like Austin means we often pick up juicy tidbits that don't always warrant a full story, but we still think are worth sharing. Here are the six things we learned about Austin this week.

Bumble is getting a brand-new hive. The Austin-based dating app, which currently operates from a small headquarters near Rosedale, is in planning stages for a new flagship. In an interview with the New York Times, Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd said the progressive new office space will offer "dynamic food and beverage options, a fitness center, and mental health and child care spaces."

Speaking of the New York Times, the Gray Lady did an investigative piece on all those 30-something multimillionaires moving from California to Austin. While this has been a joke since, well, forever, the story gets into what makes Austin such an attractive place for ex-Californians. On an unrelated note, the writer also refers to something called "brunch tacos."

An Austin man is a contestant on the new season of The Bachelorette. Beginning May 13, Cam (just Cam) goes head-to-head with 29 other bachelors to win the heart of Hannah Brown. According to his bio on ABC, Cam is in software sales, plays the harmonica, and believes "good dental hygiene" is the most important quality in a woman.

The watchdogs at Columbia Journalism Review recently covered the launch of former KXAN reporter Brian Collister's new endeavor, a nonprofit newsroom called Investigative Network, and in the process revealed that KXAN reportedly had this week's bombshell Sandra Bland video nearly two years ago. According to Collister, the news director said it wasn't newsworthy at the time. In a statement to CJR, KXAN said that wasn't the whole truth. The NBC affiliate said it asked Collister to flesh it out into a larger piece, but he left the station before finishing the story.

Love 'em or hate 'em, Tevas just teamed up with Austin's own Outdoor Voices to create a new line of sandals. The "watersporty" collab comes in two versions for women and one for men and is part of the company's summer 2019 collection, cleverly named H2OV. The question of whether or not OV can make Tevas actually cool enough to wear has left the CultureMap office bitterly divided.

Nashville wants to be the next Austin, according to Bloomberg Business. Business leaders in the Tennessee city have pushed back on a series of LGBTQI laws in recent months, saying they could potentially threaten tourism and business development and have pointed to Austin as an example of a progressive city in a traditionally conservative state. Writes Bloomberg, "[Nashville] has sought to position itself as more affordable but no less hip than Austin, Denver, or Portland, Oregon." Careful what you wish for, Nashville.