AFS Presents: Peeping Tom

Karl Bohm in Michael Powell's Peeping Tom
Karl Bohm in Peeping Tom. Courtesy of Austin Film Society

If you think Psycho is the 1960s' best portrait of a parentally warped, sexually stunted, demented killer, you may learn a little something from Peeping Tom. While no one can outdo Hitchcock at his own game, Michael Powell was a master in his own right and Peeping Tom manages to deliver lots of suspense and that queasy, psychosexual panicked feeling that we all know and love, while also acting as a unique expression of screen theory in cinema. Karl Böhm stars as a young man who works in a film studio by day and moonlights as a cheesecake photographer, but his real obsession lies with filming the dying moments of beautiful women.

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10.13.13 | 2:00 pm
10.11.13 | 8:00 pm


6406 N. I-35 Suite 3100
Austin, TX 78752

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Tickets: $5-$10