• Artists Jeremy Earhart and Josef Kristofoletti of the newly-formed Austin-basedPigment are master manipulators of wall aesthetics and they’re determined toprove to Austinites that walls are meant to be bold, personal, graphic anddynamic.
  • Jeremy and Josef create wall textures, glazes, murals, gilding, customstenciling and basically any sort of wall enhancement in residential andcommercial spaces.
  • Metallic strie and metal leaf.
  • Hand-painted rice wallpaper.
  • Plaster with plaster stencil.
  • Milkpaint, metalic stencil and plaster detail.
  • Color layers mixing to create a dynamic composition.
  • Custom fabricated stainless steel mirror and Venetian plaster wall finished withwax for "Baked" in Charleston, South Carolina.

  • The rooms at the Four Seasons Residences Clubs are fully furnished and outfittedwith beautiful decor.
  • The Four Seasons Austin Residences includes a community library for relaxing ina low key environment.
  • A view of the Four Seasons Austin Residences offering permanent downtown living.
  • Four Seasons Vail, one of the locales offering Residence Club accommodations.
  • The luxury and comfort of Residence Club rooms at the Four Seasons.

  • The home-focused pop-up shop, Nannie Inez, opened November 1st through December31st at the fashion-forward boutique Kick Pleat and is having its opening partytonight from 5pm – 8pm.
    Photo by Deeyn Rhodes
  • Owner and native Texan Deeyn Rhodes, who just moved to Austin with her husbandsix months ago from New York, brings her eight years of experience in thefashion world to the world of home décor.
    Photo by Deeyn Rhodes
  • You can find colorful and bold throw pillows from folks like British designerDonna Wilson or local Austin company August Morgan.
    Photo by Deeyn Rhodes
  • Located in the back third of the store, look through tiny bowls from Africa,ceramic accessories like salt & pepper shakers and artwork from small to large.
    Photo by Deeyn Rhodes
  • “I just can’t imagine not being around beautiful things and working with peoplewho are passionate about what they do. Everything we offer in the shop, weeither know or really respect the designer or there’s a story behind it. We havea very personal connection to everything we carry,” says Rhodes.
    Photo by Deeyn Rhodes

  • Spruce is contributing to the nicer aesthetics of Austin one chair/sofa/bench ata time by taking their experience and style and using materials like fabric tobreathe new life into old furniture.
  • Using tools both familiar and new, they hack and pull and rip and tear untilthey strip a piece of furniture to its bones.
  • Spruce’s owner Amanda Brown, is a gorgeous, dynamic, quick-to-laugh Southernwoman that can dig through filthy attics for old furniture finds and host hugeevents with equal amounts of grace.
  • Amanda has led her company to four successful years of business.
  • Spruce also teaches classes from basic upholstery to lampshades, offersinstructional videos for sale and has items (from furniture to housewares) intheir showroom for sale.
  • Their business is about 85% residential.
  • Their impact on commercial spaces in Austin has been quite impressive, havingre-designed furniture for P Terry's on William Cannon, Beets Cafe, Kick ButtCoffee at the Triangle, Sabia, Trace at the W Hotel, Hotel St. Cecilia and more.
  • "I'm always looking for the next way we can move forward and ahead of the pack.We have to keep producing unique products, improving our quality, and coming upwith new business ideas and venues to stay fresh and interesting to ourcustomers."
  • "Colors, textiles, shapes and comfort greatly affect the mood of a room."
  • "Older furniture is so much better quality and lasts so much longer. And you canhand-pick exactly what you want in the fabric you want by reupholstering. Youdon't have to settle for what comes out of the catalog."

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