• When we workout, we like to listen to an eclectic mix, including "All FallsDown" by Kanye West.
  • To motivate yourself, buy a new pair of headphones. Even Michael Phelps wearsthem to practice.
  • Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" made our playlist.

  • Find a new fitness movement at Roamfit.
  • The roamfit site.

  • Nike Training Club offers myriad exercises and workout routines to kick you intoshape this year.
    Photo by Jonathan Rienstra
  • It'll probably take you a while to get to this pose, but Pocket Yoga guides youalong the way with routines that require some real effort.
    Photo by Jonathan Rienstra
  • Fooducate analyzes your food intake, helps you find healthier alternatives andcounts calories to help you lose weight.
    Photo by Jonathan Rienstra
  • Fooducate keeps track of your daily intake and grades each thing you put in yourmouth. No cheating.
    Photo by Jonathan Rienstra

  • Honest Company co-founder Jessica Alba wanted to provide parents with safe,sustainable and affordable products.
    Photo courtesy of We're A Big Deal
  • Build your own nutrition bar at Elementbars.com.
    Element Bars/Facebook
  • Greenling delivers fresh local produce to your home.
    Photo courtesy of Greenling
  • YumUniverse has free gluten-free, dairy-free and meat-free recipes.
  • Klutchclub is like the Birchbox of the health world.

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