• I have done my fair share of dating, and after some time, I started to wonder ifmaybe dating is actually more difficult than a long distance relationship.
  • Pillow Talk: Each person puts on a ring sensor when they go to sleep at night.Once one person falls asleep, their significant other's pillow starts to glowsoftly, thanks to a flat fabric panel that goes inside the pillowcase. Here'sthe kicker. Because the panel syncs up with your S.O.'s ring, when you put yourhead on the pillow, you can hear the other person's heart beat.

  • WotWentWrong's Beta version launched on Jan. 24.
    Screenshot via Wot Went Wrong
  • Audrey Melnik is trying to create a socially acceptable way to learn whathappened, improve yourself and move on.

  • Nadia Latif and partner Jordan
  • Dean and Jeff Lofton
  • Julie Schwietert and Francisco Collazo with their daughter, Mariel