The State of Love

February is called the month of love. Whether that's good or bad depends on the state of your current relationship of course (or lack thereof). We at CultureMap are suckers for a good love story — stories of burning passion and unrequited amour — a good trashy storyline does us in. But love and passion exist beyond our interpersonal relationships. We are all passionate about something — our work, our hobbies, our pets — and this month we want to honor that passion and commitment. The State of Love is about those things we care about, including each other.

Austin Photo Set: News_Katherine_Hoop Church_feb 2012_hula hoop

Hula your way to a good time: Hoop dancing lets adults act like kids again

By Katherine Craft - February 27th, 2012

On Sunday afternoons at Hot Mama's Cafe on East 6th Street, a group of people gather for what they call “church.” There's no choir, pews or sermon — instead, a large amp plays dance music while men and women with big ...

News_Merritt Beck_Bauble Bar_Feb 2012

Baubles on a budget: Knock-out necklaces you can afford

By Merritt Beck - February 21st, 2012

In a bauble bind but low on budget? Check out these knock-out necklaces, all under $100.