AFS Presents: Werner Herzog's Nosferatu the Vampyre

still from Werner Herzog's film Nosferatu the Vampyre
Nosferatu the Vampyre. Photo courtesy of

Watch a brand new restoration of Herzog’s own version of F.W. Murnau’s primal shocker, retaining a lot of the original’s power to shock and adding more immediacy thanks to the use of sound and color. Klaus Kinski plays the part of Dracula and Isabelle Adjani is the object of his affection, with a stirring soundtrack by Popol Vuh.

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2.9.14 | 4:00 pm
2.7.14 | 10:00 pm
2.4.14 | 8:00 pm


AFS Cinema
6406 N. I-35 Suite 3100
Austin, TX 78752


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Tickets: $5-$10