Art Alliance Austin presents Artbash

Honey Beast by Suzanne Wyss
Honey Beast by Suzanne Wyss Photo by Suzanne Wyss

For the third annual Artbash, Art Alliance Austin has teamed up with Big Medium to create an original exhibition and lounge. Kicking off the first week of the East Austin Studio Tour, Artbash will feature new site-specific works from eight local artists and exclusive performances exploring the idea of intersection through immersion + mobility.

Each piece will contribute to the architecture of the space by pushing the boundaries of the viewer experience, addressing the experience of being consumed and/or in the action of motion. Guests in attendance will experience new artist work, site-specific installations, and a live DJ.

Event Details


11.10.17 | 9:00 pm


Native Bar & Kitchen
807 E. Fourth St.
Austin, TX 78702


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