Art Exhibition Opening Night: "Constructing Clout"

IEI gallery painting Exit #2 by Ken Mazzu
"Exit #2" by Ken Mazzu, 22'' x 30'', Watercolor and gouache. Ken Mazzu

"Constructing Clout" features the works of three artists. Ken Mazzu's investigations in painting have been focused on ideas of industrial decay and urban detritus. Much of his work has evolved intuitively and been developed from imagination without the aid of photographic reference. Inspired by relationships past and present, Meredith Jack's "Tumbling Match Pieces" are small bronze castings imbedded with text. Nan Toole of LuminaSpectra Art rounds out the gallery's curated works. 

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10.4.13 | 6:00 pm


916 Springdale Rd 106B
Austin, TX 78702

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Admission is free