Austin Film Premiere: Four Sisters

Four Sisters film premiere at Vuka
Photo courtesy of Four Sisters

Every year, tens of thousands of people die by suicide, yet families of suicide victims feel as though they have to suffer in silence. Four Sisters is a film that sets out to change that. Filmed in Austin in 2012, Four Sisters is a 26-minute conversation about grief and the ways suicide changes lives. The film follows four women who each lost a brother to suicide, each telling the story of how they are moving forward in their lives.  The screening also includes a panel discussion featuring the four women in the film alongside director Caley Cook. 

All proceeds above costs will go towards suicide crisis intervention and grief groups in the Austin area.

Event Details


4.7.14 | 6:00 pm


411 W. Monroe St.
Austin, TX 78704

Ticket Info

Tickets: $20-$50