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Inspired by actual events that have intrigued and baffled historians for more than 50 years, Copenhagen revolves around a 1941 meeting between two brilliant physicists, Niels Bohr of Denmark and Germany’s Werner Heisenberg. The two men were long-time friends whose work together opened the way to the atomic bomb, but who were now on opposite sides of World War II.

This pivotal meeting was a defining moment of the nuclear age, yet its true nature remains a mystery. Why did Heisenberg go to Copenhagen? What was he hoping to accomplish? Copenhagen is a refreshing reminder of the value of seeking the truth.

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4.19.19 | 8:00 pm
4.20.19 | 8:00 pm
4.21.19 | 5:00 pm
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4.25.19 | 8:00 pm
4.26.19 | 8:00 pm
4.27.19 | 8:00 pm
4.28.19 | 5:00 pm


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