BedPost Confessions presents (Not Just for) Ladies Night

Stories told at BedPost Confessions explore themes of sexuality, gender identity, dating, marriage, masturbation, break-ups, health, and more. Whether the performers are funny, informative, fictional, thoughtful, embarrassing, raunchy, heart-warming, political, or completely personal, the audience receives their stories with love and returns the favor by sharing their own. In fact, the anonymous confessions submitted by the audience and read aloud by the producers are the real star of every show. The aim of each BedPost Confessions to either spark a fantasy or start a conversation. Maybe even both.

Performers will include newcomer Jenna Valentine, writer and filmmaker M. Burger, BedPost co-founder and producer Julie Gillis, and artist Ebony Stewart.

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The North Door
502 Brushy St.
Austin, TX 78702


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